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Pet Policy

Are you planning a vacation with your four-legged friend? At Domina Coral Bay pets are always welcome. However, for safety reasons and in order to ensure a happy experience for all our Hotel guests, here are some simple rules to follow during your stay.


In order to register the pet, all owners must provide to the Front Office desk a copy of the pet’s ID and photo;

- The Hotel accepts only small-medium sized pets for up to 10Kg;
- The daily housekeeping service may be interrupted if a pet is in the room alone;
- At the end of the stay a fee of 7 Euro per day will be required for the special cleaning service;
- Pets are not authorized to wander unattended within the Resort;
- Pets with a friendly attitude and behavior are welcome inside the Resort, in order to ensure the safety of the others guests;
- Pets with hostile and aggressive attitude and behavior are not welcome inside the Resort;
- Dogs must be leashed and under control, even visual, of its owner. The pet’s owners will also be responsible for the collection of its leftovers;
- In case pet’s owner will not clean the pet’s leftovers, the Resort will provide the cleaning, charging the owner with the cost of the service (100 EGP);
- It is not allowed to the dogs to bark uncontrollably at day or night, in order to ensure the rest of all the guests;
- Service dogs, of any species, are welcome inside the Resort, unless are showing hostile and aggressive attitude;
- Pets are not allowed to access any public and common area, such as Receptions (except during the check-in & check-out procedures, with the pet leashed), beaches (out of the authorized ones), pools,
- Restaurants, Bars and Arena; Dogs are welcome in the shops area only if leashed. The beaches where it is allowed to bring the dogs are: the area underneath the Blue Lake Restaurant / Bahia Bar (access allowed but not for bathing) and the beach between the Ali Baba Restaurant and Sheraton (access allowed also for bathing). There will be a place where to provide courtesy bowls for water and food;
- The owner of the pet will be considered economically responsible for any damage to persons and / or things which might be caused by the pet; - The pet must not to be kept chained to trees, poles, fences or else inside the Resort; - It is prohibited to feed the pets in the streets, in the gardens, on the beaches and in any public or common area inside the Resort, out of their specific dry food;
- It is prohibited to distribute within the Resort any food containing toxic and poisonous substances.
- It is excluded any operation provided by the Resort Management in terms of pest control (against ants, flies, rats etc…) which is carried out with methods and products which are not affecting in any way the pets.
- It is specified that, for the pest control’s products mentioned above, these are situated regularly nearby sewages. We require the pets’ owners to pay maximum attention about it;
- The Resort will not tolerate any sort of abuses towards the pets and will implement adequate action towards anybody not respecting this rule.